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$224 Rate-Lock: 8x16 Unit @ YOUR Place

Lock Your Rate on an 8x16 Storage Pod for $224.00/month (1-9 months)

  • 343 US dollars

How It Works:

$224.00 x (# of months needed) *Requires Pre-Payment to Lock Rate* $10 Monthly Damage Waiver $109 Delivery of Empty Unit (one-time fee) $109 Pick-up of Empty Unit (one-time fee: will be charged at time of pick-up) **Special Rate-Lock Savings** Special Rate = $224/mo Normal Rate = $249/mo Example for 1-Month Storage: $224 x (1 Month) $10.00 Monthly Damage Waiver $109.00 Delivery of empty unit ----------------------------------------------------- $343.00 Delivered @ "YOUR" Location *When done, $109 pick-up will be applied (depending on current fuel prices). How it Works: 1) Unit MUST Be Stored @ YOUR Location 2) Select Number of Months Needed (1-9 months) 3) Pre-Pay For Duration Needed Need it Longer than 9-Months? You can do a "short-term" rate lock (1-3 months) & if you need it longer, the rate will not go higher than $249/mo if you need to do another rate-lock extension. **Offer applies to LA, Ventura, Orange & Riverside counties. **Offer is available to other areas but delivery rate may vary depending on mileage. You will be contacted to confirm delivery date and time within 30 minutes to 1 hour once order is confirmed.

Please Note:

The Rental Period begins at the time of unit delivery to your location.


The delivery rates are based on a 40 mile radius from the TMSG Warehouse. Deliveries located outside of the 40-mile radius, MAY incur additional delivery charges.


*Upon booking, we will reach out to you to confirm the date, time & location of your storage unit. If your booking time is scheduled outside of the normal office hours, then our staff will get back to you within 24 hours or less.

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