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$234 8x16 Rate Lock Special

Mobile Storage Delivery & Pickup Services in ALL of SoCal:

Los Angeles * San Diego * Orange County * Inland Empire * Ventura

Lock-In YOUR Rate Today & Save!

Get an 8'x16' Storage Pod Delivered at YOUR Place for a Monthly Rate of:


Pricing Breakdown:

  • $234.00 x (# of months needed) *Requires Pre-Payment to Lock Rate*

  • $10 Monthly Damage Waiver (Required)

  • $99 Delivery of Empty Unit (one-time fee)

  • $99 Pick-up of Empty Unit (one-time fee: will be charged at time of pick-up)

Special Rate = $234/mo

Normal Rate = $259/mo


Example for 1-Month Storage:

$234 x (1 Month)

$10.00 Monthly Damage Waiver

$99.00 Delivery of empty unit


$343.00 Delivered @ "YOUR" Location


*When done, $99 pick-up will be applied (depending on current fuel prices).

for 1 - 9 Months

*$234/mo Rate Does Not Include Monthly Damage Waiver or Delivery Fees.

long beach 1029 6.jpg

How it Works

1) The Unit MUST Be Stored @ YOUR Location
2) Select Number of Months Needed (1-9 mo
3) Pre-Pay For Duration Needed

*Need it Longer than 9-Months? You can do a "short-term" rate lock (1-3 months) & if you need it longer, the rate will not go higher than $259/mo if you need to do another rate-lock extension.

Get Quick & Affordable Storage at Your Home or Office!

Our Remote Controlled Delivery System in Action

Our Remote Controlled Delivery System in Action

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The Mobile Storage Guy Reviews

See What Our Customers Are Saying

F Flores

Great service. We needed the container asap and no other provider could get it to us as fast as mobile storage guys storage. They did next day delivery. Fast. Professional. Reliable. Respectful. Highly recommended. Will definitely use their services again and recommend to others.

Gail Soffer

These folks are the best! Can't recommend them highly enough. Had a storage pod on my driveway for a full year and everything from delivery to monthly billing to pick-up was excellent. Hard to find genuine customer service these days but these folks have it down to a fine art!

Derek Hobbs

Everything has been a great experience. From the first phone call to delivery of the unit. They are very accommodating and “the mule” is awesome. It’s basically the remote lift for the unit. Nerds will love it.

Carla Meiers

EASY! From the quote over phone and email to delivery of unit - these folks are professional and accommodating! I highly recommend this company over the PODs - better pricing, Veteran owned and operated, and they acknowledged a fellow Veteran with an additional discount. Thanks JP and team!

Mobile Storage Pods are GREAT for...

Home Storage

Renovating your home? Need extra storage space? No Problem!

  • Store in Your Driveway or Backyard

  • 24/7 Easy Access

Office Storage

Need extra storage space for office records or equipment? Done!

  • Store Outside Your Office

  • 24/7 Easy Access

Moving / Relocation

Moving to a new home or office in SoCal? Get Fast Delivery & Pick-up!

  • Fast & Affordable

  • Professional Help Available

Why Choose The Mobile Storage Guy?

✓Cost-Effective Storage Solutions
✓Top-Rated Customer Service
✓No Long-Term Contracts
✓We Serve ALL of SoCal

Mobile Storage Pod Benefits

  • Weather Proof & Rodent Proof

  • Safe & Secure Storage

  • Storage At "Your" Location or "Ours"

  • Easy 24/7 Access

  • Great for Commercial or Residential Use

Contact The Mobile Storage Guy Today!

If you are looking for the best mobile storage solutions around Southern California, look no further that The Mobile Storage Guy!

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